Autumn Winter Collection

A collection from my archive, released for this Autumn Winter Season 2013

  • Kaffe

    Kaffe Fassett, my hero, the knitting genius that taught me to break the rules! This has to be one of my all-time favourites, neat and dressy with an undeniable ‘wow’ factor.

  • Hampton Court

    I wanted a coat that would be warm enough to wear in the late spring and early autumn.

  • Fiesta

    One of my favourite jackets, Fiesta really does call out for a rich combination of yarn and fabric. Here I have worked it in the jewel-like colours designed by Kaffe Fassett (Colourscape by Rowan).

  • Opio

    Opio, a favourite tunic named after a favourite village in southern France. Knitted here in cool calm blues, just the thing when the sun goes down. Or work it in vivid, hot, colours and a sparkling stained glass window springs to mind.

  • Penny

    This very attractive waistcoat is made by simply knitting a large bock in stocking stitch which is then bonded to a piece of fabric. In the illustrated version I have used Sirdar Crofter double Knit and a piece of plain silk, but the waistcoat works equally well with a plain double knit yarn and a colourful fabric.

  • Windsor

    Windsor has a pretty fabric lining. As all the inside seams are covered, Windsor could easily be worn on the reverse as well.

  • Valbonne

    My grandson calls this my “happy jumper”! Knitted in bright mouth-watering colours it was inspired by some early spring anemones and hyacinths. It will brighten up the dullest of days

  • Antibes

    This tunic is a firm favourite with my pretty daughters-in-law, flattering, and loose fitting, with excellent drape, it’s declared to be smart cosy and warm.

  • Hesper

    This chunky little jacket is as much fun to wear as it is to make. It’s so easy and so quick to knit. Version one has a wider front band which turns over to form a collar. Version two, has a narrower band that lays into the neck and hints of vintage style.

  • Sophie

    Because of the deliberate circular shaping; this little jacket fits like a dream, hugging all the right places, and flattering all body shapes. It’s once again an easy to make and very easy-to-wear item.

  • Ann

    Knitted, jumper with bias trim. This little top named after a good friend and wonderful knitter, can be knitted with either long or three quarter length sleeves, the hip level tie makes it a very flattering easy-to-wear style.

  • Napier

    Napier cardigan is the unplanned result. This is a lovely, warm, cuddly, garment which looks good even without embellishment.

  • Alice

    It’s a cardigan made to fit and flatter just about everyone. Knitted in four simple pieces; a circle body, with an oblong panel fitted in the back and the sleeves slipped in-between the two.

  • Lazy Days

    I named this cardigan Lazy Days because that’s precisely when I wear it! It’s the first cardigan I haul out on a chilly evening and it invariably lodges on the top of my picnic basket on a British summer’s day.

  • Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope cardigan in three versions; knitted in a wide rib pattern, it can be plain, or with knitted or fabric and ribbon embellishments.

  • Christening Rompers

    Forget lace and frills, this romper is perfect for the modern babe. Pink rose for the girls and a charming chalk-blue butterfly for the boys

  • Henry

    Cute dungarees and matching coat with contrast picot edging and back detail in 3 sizes. A must for the smart babe around town!

  • God Bless America

    For the patriotic small person! The president first jacket?

  • Vive la France

    And long live childhood in this cute Tricolore Jacket and Hat

  • Flower Hats – Snow Drop

    This little flower heralds new life after a long winter – the hat looks good too.

  • Marcel

    Made up of little motifs squares with a nautical theme – all stitched together to form the outer jacket.

  • Child's Sophie

    Because of the deliberate circular shaping; this little jacket fits like a dream and mummy can have one too (see Adult collection)

  • Child’s Antibes

    The child’s Antibes has a little bit of a nautical theme and is designed to match the adults Antibes. It’s not difficult to knit, but a row counter will be essential!

  • Child's Ann

    Just like Mummy’s! I have omitted the wrist ties in the child’s version as I thought they might not only catch on toys and other objects, but they might possibly become ‘dirt magnets’.

  • Child's Kaffe

    A simple design with the added ‘Wow’ factor, the applique is, of course optional.

  • Child's Fiesta

    Fiesta really does have a carnival quality about it, bright vivid colours that children love and really warn and snugly too – a perfect combination.

  • Child's Valbonne

    The child’s version of my ‘happy’ jumper, has a simple ‘block pattern which is outlined afterwards with knitted piping.

  • Child's Hesper

    Chunky little jacket in two versions with (optional) fabric trim, very quick to knit and a firm favourite with all generations.

  • Child's Alice

    This child’s version of Alice couldn’t be simpler to knit. The body is created by knitting a large circle, which incorporate a snug warm collar. It takes only a few hours to knit.

  • Anglo-French Alliance Jacket and Hat

    Vive la France meets God Save The Queen, this cute mix of the English and French flags is a must have for the jet setting babe.

  • Flower Hats – Bluebell

    What sight more uplifting than a wood filled with bluebells? here’s a sweet bluebell hat crafted by the fairies especially for a sweet flower babe.

  • Flower Hats – Buttercup

    Bring a smile with the season – Buttercup hat conjures up a sunny meadow in the depths of winter and keeps this little flower warm too.

  • Flower Hats – Dogrose

    This cute little hat has an inner lining that keeps the hat in place and keeps small people warm.

  • Helter Skleter Hat

    All the fun of the fare in this cute hat with a swirl

  • Holly

    A snug hat for winter days with a hint of christmas cheer.

  • Child's Napier

    Just like mummy’s; this version of Napier is created just for little people.

  • Oh La-La Beret

    Oh la-la cute french beret for a very cute baby.

  • Child's Opio

    This little jumper was originally called stained glass windows and, when in really bright colours, it certainly earns such a name.

  • Peek-a-boo

    Peek-a-boo or Peek-a-bow makes any sweetheart look even sweeter.

  • Flower Hats – Poppy

    A touch of harvest in winter! Put a smile on big peoples faces with a small persons poppy hat!

  • Rule Britannia

    Fly the flag and put a smile on small faces with this cute Union Jack Jacket and Hat